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Baby Komodos Debut At Zoo Atlanta | Environment

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Baby Komodos Debut At Zoo Atlanta
Baby Komodos Debut At Zoo Atlanta

ATLANTA – (Zoo Atlanta) Wildlife enthusiasts curious about what a miniature version of the world’s largest living lizard looks like should visit Zoo Atlanta, where two baby Komodo dragons are now on exhibit in the World of Reptiles. 

Hatched on August 13, 2010, at the Los Angeles Zoo, the new arrivals measure just a foot long – a fraction of what will someday be their adult size of up to nine feet long and around 150 pounds. Zoo Atlanta is a participant in the Komodo Dragon Species Survival Plan (SSP), but the young pair are siblings and thus are not recommended to breed.

Native to the Indonesian islands of Komodo, Flores, Rinca and Gila Montag, Komodo dragons are apex predators capable of consuming prey as large as deer. The lizards are not currently endangered but are considered vulnerable in the wild as a result of poaching, a decline in prey species and tourism on their native islands.

Zoo Atlanta is also home to an adult male Komodo dragon, Slasher. Now considered geriatric at the age of 18, Slasher has been a popular resident of the Zoo’s Asian Forest since 1993.