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Gorilla Joe dies at Atlanta Zoo | News

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Gorilla Joe dies at Atlanta Zoo

ATLANTA -- Western Lowland Gorilla, Joe, died at 49 under the care of the Zoo Atlanta Veterinary Team and Dewar Wildlife's Francis Cipullo, DVM, on Tuesday, Zoo Atlanta officials said.

According to Zoo Atlanta, the vets euthanized Joe due to a health decline and ongoing chronic health conditions, including cardiac disease.

In a press release from Zoo Atlanta, Dwight Lawson, PhD, Deputy Director said, "We are deeply saddened by the passing of Joe. While the Zoo Atlanta staff who worked with Joe hadn't known him for very long, all had come to appreciate his unique personality."

"He was a very special resident of not only the Dewar Wildlife Trust, but also of the other zoos that shared his life over his many years in the U.S.," Lawson said.

Gorillas are considered geriatric after age 35, said Zoo Atlanta. There are four other senior gorillas at Zoo Atlanta, including Ozzie, 51, the oldest male lowland gorilla in the world, Shamba, 53, Chooma, 51, and Ivan, 50.