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Appealing the parking zones in Atlanta | News

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Appealing the parking zones in Atlanta

ATLANTA -- There are four parking zones in Atlanta: Government, School, Mixed-Use, and Entertainment. Three of them are patrolled 12-15 hours a day, six days a week. The "mixed use" zone is the least restrictive. But it's also the least utilized. 

Some residents say that needs to change. 

Sometimes the traffic at the parking meter is worse than the traffic in the street at Little Five Points. 

Because of the unyielding parking enforcement here, motorists often clog these streets looking for free spots in front of the nearby homes. 

It has become a nightmare for everyone. 

"Why would you have parking meters in Little Five Points?" asked Amichi Bertrand, as he clutched a PARKatlanta ticket that he found on his windshield. "That is a very nice artsy, residential, comfy neighborhood. That's not really parking meter poaching territory, but they're there every single day." 

Indeed, many people in L5P have been saying that for years. But the city has not been sympathetic. 

"This area is clearly a mixed-use area," said local dentist Richard Shapiro. "It functions as mixed-use; it's a small commercial node that's completely surrounded by residential streets. It has been since the 1920's when it was designed." 

Shapiro is also a member of the local business association.
He and others want city officials to come back here, listen to the residents and businesses, and make parking in the area mixed-use. That would mean a 40-hour weekly reduction in enforcement.
Of the 2,500 spots in the entire city that are metered, I think that less than 20 of them are mixed-use," said Shapiro. "And those 20 are in a block and a quarter in the heart of downtown." 

Dr. Shapiro plans to formally appeal the zone designation in Little Five Points to Public Works. He believes the city is beginning to understand they really need to listen to residents about PARKatlanta. 

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You too can file an appeal about the zone designation in your neighborhood. All you have to do is send the Department of Public Works a letter requesting that the zone be reviewed.

The city will send a program management team out to assess the area and talk to residents. Within about 30-days, a decision will be made based on the zone criteria, the observations made by the team, and the input from the community. 

If you wish to make an appeal, send your formal request letter here:

Department of Public Works
Office of the Commissioner
55 Trinity Avenue
Suite 4700
Atlanta, GA 30308

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