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Zoo Atlanta welcomes baby Sumatran Orangutan | News

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Zoo Atlanta welcomes baby Sumatran Orangutan

GRANT PARK, Ga. -- Zoo Atlanta welcomed a new baby orangutan on Thursday.

16-year-old Sumatran Orangutan Blaze gave birth to a male infant via cesarean section. Blaze is one of three performed on Sumatran orangutans in recent years.

Due to Blaze's small stature she has experienced complications with births in the past, however, this infant is healthy and is resting in the Zoo's nursery.

The infant was delivered by the Zoo Atlanta Veterinary Team which included: Brad Moore, MD, Bryan Jewell, MD and Deneen Moore, RN, of Haven Ob/Gyn, Ben Brainard, VMD, and Jane Quandt, DVM, of the University of Georgia Department of Small Animal Medicine and Surgery in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Sandy Jun, MD, and Wendy Troyer, MD, of Neonatology Associates of Atlanta and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, along with respiratory therapist Willie Bailey, RT, and nurse Kum Kim, RN, of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

"It was an exciting honor to be included in this team of specialists to help Blaze give birth successfully," said Sandy Jun, MD, of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. "It was very rewarding to use our human neonatal skills to deliver this orangutan newborn safely, and we were glad to find that many of those skills translated seamlessly across species. It is not something we will forget."