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Adorable two-toed sloth born at Zoo Atlanta | News

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Adorable two-toed sloth born at Zoo Atlanta

ATLANTA -- The first public photo of Bonnie's baby is like so many infant pictures: her eyes are closed, her face scrunched up, her mother holding her tightly to her chest. It's a rare photo for Zoo Atlanta. It's the first time a sloth has been born in captivity in Atlanta.

Bonnie lost a baby sloth in December 2013 when it was delivered stillborn. Both she, and 22-year-old father Cocoa, are first time parents. Bonnie was pregnant for 12 months, and the infant was born April 29th fully-furred, with eyes open and teeth already present. Zoo Atlanta is one of only a handful of zoos to successfully breed a sloth.

On the same day, a critically endangered species gained a new representative. Six-year-old eastern Bongo named Matilda gave birth to her fourth calf.


"These are wonderful signs of spring for us here at Zoo Atlanta. On one hand, we have a first in the Zoo's history with the newborn sloth. On the other hand, we have another birth for a critically endangered species for which every new arrival is a celebration," said Raymond B. King, President and CEO in a press release. "We're excited about watching these little ones grow and make connections with our Members and guests."

Matilda is already nursing her calf. Mother and calf are bonding behind the scenes before making a public appearance on exhibit.

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