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Atlanta chef joins food fad by creating 'doughssants' | News

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Atlanta chef joins food fad by creating 'doughssants'

ATLANTA -- Two weeks after coming up with a recipe to combine croissants and doughnuts, chef Maggie Sweeney sold out the first full batch of what she calls "doughssants."

"They're time-consuming and kind of laborious, but the product's really awesome," Sweeney told 11Alive's Jennifer Leslie.

Sweeney created the doughssant at the request of a customer, who heard about the "cronut" craze in New York City.

Cronuts were created by chef Dominique Ansel, who makes only 200 a day. Ansel's customers start lining up hours before the shop opens. There's a limit of two cronuts per customer, and they cost $5 each.

"Instead of going to New York and being in line at 5:00 in the morning, I figured I'd support local show up between 8:00 and 10:00 in the morning to get some doughssants," said Harvey Daniels, one of Sweeney's customers. "They look amazing."

Sweeney said croissant dough takes two days to make. Then it's rolled, cut, fried and filled with Madagascar vanilla bean cream.

The last step is the topping: caramel bacon or brandied peaches.
The doughssants are full of flavor and calories.

"We use in each batch a pound of butter, and that's before we coat them in butter and fry them," Sweeney said. "We're not going to have any illusions that this is a health food item."

Sweeney doesn't have a storefront, so she works out of a church kitchen and takes orders online.

The name of her business is almost as unusual as her new creation. It's called Cake Hag.

"Oh, it's a long story," Sweeney said. "Too much rock 'n roll music when I was young. I misheard my daughter one day. I thought she was calling me a cake hag."

So what did her daughter really say?

"She was asking me to pass a cake rag," Sweeney said.

But the name stuck, and now you'll want to remember it if you want to try the Southern version of a New York hit.

Sweeney plans to make 150 doughssants every Tuesday morning. They cost $30 for a dozen.

To order, send an e-mail to info@cakehag.com.