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African lioness at Atlanta's zoo is pregnant | News

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African lioness at Atlanta's zoo is pregnant

ATLANTA (AP) - An African lioness at Atlanta's zoo is expecting her second litter of cubs.

Zoo Atlanta says 9-year-old Kiki's pregnancy was confirmed by ultrasound on Monday.

Kiki and her 9-year-old mate Kamau have had one previous litter together. The three males - Christos, Mikalos and Athanaisi - now live at Africam Safari in Puebla, Mexico.

Lion gestation averages three to four months, and a pregnancy generally yields a litter of between one and five cubs. Cubs are born blind and completely dependent on their mothers.

African lions are found in most sub-Saharan African countries and are currently classified as vulnerable. The wild population is threatened by habitat loss, killing by humans after they attack livestock and a decline in available prey species.


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