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Announced: I AM APS! City Wide Call To Action Meeting July 14th Students of Atlanta Public School

Atlanta -- In response to the CRCT cheating report released by the state of Georgia involving Atlanta Public School system teachers, Derrick Boazman, host of afternoon talk with CSB Atlanta’s WAOK, will hold an I AM APS! City Wide Call To Action Meeting.  While the story remains in headlines from Georgia to Texas and beyond, little has been said about the students and what should be done for them. 

Boazman took to the air waves and his Facebook page to announce a rally scheduled for Thursday, 7 PM July 14, 2011 at Mt. Nebo Baptist Church 1025 McDonough Blvd Atlanta GA 30315.

MARIETTA: New Cobb superintendent weighs in on APS

MARIETTA: New Cobb superintendent weighs in on APS

MARIETTA, Ga. -- Dr. Michael Hinojosa, the new superintendent of the Cobb County School District, said other systems can learn from the Atlanta CRCT cheating scandal.


"Sometimes testing is overblown," Dr. Hinojosa said following his swearing-in ceremony Monday morning. "You need to make sure people are focused on the right thing. That's student learning, not some number."

Dr. Hinojosa did not address the scandal during his first official speech to school leaders and employees.

But he did tell school board members, "I promise you I will not let you down."

He took the job after serving as head of the Dallas Independent School District in Texas for six years.

11Alive's Jennifer Leslie asked Dr. Hinojosa about the APS cheating investigation right after his swearing-in ceremony.

CRCT Investigation Report: Parkside Elementary School

CRCT Investigation Report: Parkside Elementary School

Parkside Elementary School
685 Mercer Street
Principal: Dr. Phillip Luck
Testing Coordinator: Clementine Shanks
SRT-3 Executive Director: Dr. Gloria Patterson

ATLANTA -- The Governor's Special Investigators who looked into allegations of CRCT cheating at Atlanta Public Schools concluded that three Parkside Elementary teachers cheated on the test.

Selena Wyatt confessed to prompting students to change wrong answers on the math section of the test, while Pelita Johnson Meredith pointed out incorrect answers to students. (303) Terance Shipman told investigators he simply reminded students to go back and review the questions they answered incorrectly.

APS: Who's Really At Fault?

APS: Who's Really At Fault?

First off, let me say that I am THOROUGHLY impressed with 11Alive's coverage and breakdown of the APS investigation report. If you were not able to catch their school-by-school review, you can view the video here. WARNING: It's startling, it's disappointing and scary to think that these accounts render a "mafia-like" mentality. How can people we've held in such high regard, and entrusted the educational careers of our children in, do such things? Good question... but here's an even better one... "Who's REALLY At Fault?"

Did No Child Left Behind lead to the CRCT cheating scandal?

Did No Child Left Behind lead to the CRCT cheating scandal?

ATLANTA -- Many blame programs like No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top for the Atlanta Public Schools CRCT Scandal, but is that the only problem?

State Senator Vincent Fort (D-39), Principal Shannon Flounnory of Stonewall Tell Elementary School in Fulton County, and Title 1 Data Specialist Heavenly Montgomery discussed the issues with 11Alive's Brenda Wood.

CRCT Investigation: Cheating found in 44 Atlanta schools

ATLANTA -- A state investigation into allegations of cheating by Atlanta Public Schools officials on standardized tests finds nearly 80 percent of schools examined cheated on the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT).

COMPLETE COVERAGE: Atlanta Public Schools CRCT Cheating Investigation

"We found cheating in 44 of the 56 schools," Gov. Nathan Deal said as he read from the CRCT report summary during a news conference at the State Capitol Tuesday.

The report, obtained by The Associated Press and delivered to 11Alive News, details the findings of the state's investigation.

Have you seen Dr. Hall?

Have you seen Dr. Hall?

ATLANTA - As parents of students in Atlanta's public schools learn more about widespread allegations of cheating on the Criterion Reference Competency Tests, the woman in charge of the school system at the time, Dr. Beverly Hall, has become difficult to track down.

Gov. Nathan Deal released a report Tuesday evening to the Associated Press containing evidence and confessions of cheating in Atlanta's schools. The report names former Superintendent Hall, who retired last month.

"The APS General Counsel told us that one of her main duties was to provide Superintendent Hall with 'deniability.' Her aim was to insulate Dr. Hall from the burden of the responsibility for making difficult decisions," the report said.