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Kroger warms customers of possible spam emails

Kroger warms customers of possible spam emails

ATLANTA – Recently, Kroger sent their Kroger Plus customers’ a letter explaining that “someone outside of the company” had tapped into their data base and obtained customers’ names and email addresses.

According to Kroger, the data base contained names and email addresses of customers who voluntarily provided their names and email addresses to Kroger.

Kroger warning their customers to not be alarmed if they receive spam email messages and they apologize for any inconvenience. Kroger, also, wants to remind their customers not to open emails from senders they don’t know.

Also, “Kroger would never ask you to email personal information such as credit card numbers or social security numbers. If you receive such a request, it did not come from Kroger and should be deleted.”  

If you have any concerns, you are welcomed to call Kroger’s customer service center at 1-800-Krogers (1-800-576-4377).

My Grocery Spy.com Launches to Help Atlanta Shoppers Save Up To 35% Weekly on Groceries

My Grocery Spy.com Launches to Help Atlanta Shoppers Save Up To 35% Weekly on Groceries

http://www.mygroceryspy.com/ is a new online price-sleuthing service that enables families to save more money on groceries and other supermarket items.  http://www.mygroceryspy.com/ has just launched to help Atlanta grocery shoppers instantly compare prices and make more informed decisions about where to find the Atlanta grocery savings each week.

Twice a week, http://www.mygroceryspy.com/ checks out the prices on 150 to 200 grocery products at four of the top chains in the metro area, including Publix, Kroger, WalMart and Ingles. http://www.mygrocerspy.com/ provides a price comparison chart and sorts the shopping list so the lowest prices are readily identified by store.

Tips on Selecting a Qualified Home Remodeler

You've thought your remodeling project through from start to finish. You have determined what you want to achieve, have a realistic budget, and know when the job needs to be completed. Finding a qualified remodeling company to do the work is an equally important step.

We've all heard horror stories about remodeling projects gone bad. Here are 10 tips to help you select a qualified remodeling contractor.

Atlanta Tastemakers Give Back at Midtown Fashion Event


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