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Eastern bongo born at Zoo Atlanta

Eastern bongo born at Zoo Atlanta

ATLANTA -- Zoo Atlanta welcomed its newest addition on Friday.

Matilda, a three-year-old eastern bongo, gave birth on Dec. 2. It is the first calf for her and three-year-old male Tambo.

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Known for their deep reddish coats and magnificent curved horns, bongos are the largest African antelopes. However, they are believed to number fewer than 500 in the wild of their native Kenya.

Matilda and Tambo were recommended to breed by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Species Survival Plan, which seeks to maintain a diverse, self-sustaining population within North American zoos.

Zuri the Giraffe moves to Kansas

Zuri the Giraffe moves to Kansas

ATLANTA -- Goodbye, Zuri.

The one-year-old female giraffe left Zoo Atlanta on Oct. 18. She now lives at Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure in Salinas, Kan.

Zuri's move was suggested and supported by the Giraffe Species Survival Plan. She left Atlanta in a 40-foot truck equipped with a 16-foot-long trailer -- big enough to ensure a comfortable journey for a creature that stands around 10 feet tall.

Zoo officials report that Zuri arrived safely in Kansas and is adjusting well to her new home.

Waterbuck born at Zoo Atlanta

Waterbuck born at Zoo Atlanta

ATLANTA – The Atlanta Zoo is welcoming a brand new waterbuck into their African Plains habitat.

On Wednesday, Kokopelli gave birth to her seventh calf. According to the zoo, the calf looked healthy and it’s nursing normally.

 Waterbucks are among the world’s largest antelope species and they are known for their swimming skills. Kokopelli joins the zoo’s recent baby boom, in addition to a giraffe, two tigers and almost twenty flamingo chicks.

Zoo Atlanta names new tiger cubs

Zoo Atlanta names new tiger cubs

ATLANTA -- Zoo Atlanta has confirmed that the Sumatran tiger cubs born July 5 are male and female, respectively.

The cubs' sexes were determined during a veterinary checkup on Aug. 17.

The girl was named Sohni, which means "beautiful." The boy's name is Sanjiv, which has a number of meanings, including "love," "long life" and "reviving."

The names were selected by Zoo Atlanta donor and former Board of Directors member Larry Westbrook, who named the cubs for his grandchildren.

At their Aug. 17 physical, the baby tigers were also given their first vaccinations.

Meet Zoo Atlanta's newest arrivals at Family Days

Meet Zoo Atlanta's newest arrivals at Family Days

ATLANTA -- Zoo Atlanta has planned special Family Days for City of Atlanta and Fulton County residents and employees this month.

On Saturday, Aug. 20 and Sunday, Aug. 21, guests who show proper identification will receive free zoo admission for two adults and up to four children per family.

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Accepted forms of identification include:

* Atlanta/Fulton residents: driver's license; state voter identification; a water, gas or light utility bill proving residence

* Atlanta/Fulton government employees: employee identification card

Anyone who attends the zoo during Family Days should expect an unusually high number of guests.

Atlanta's newest baby giraffe makes an appearance

Atlanta's newest baby giraffe makes an appearance

ATLANTA, Ga. – The Atlanta Zoo’s newest star was spotted, on Thursday, bonding with her family.

The two-week-old giraffe calf was introduced to her aunt, Glenda, and her half-sister Zuri as she took her first steps around the African Plains exhibit and explored her surroundings.

The giraffe will be named by the winner of a naming contest running on Groupon, the discount website. The deal ends on August 10.