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Photo Gallery | A tribute to Zoo Atlanta's newest additions

ATLANTA -- Zoo Atlanta welcomed its most recent addition last Friday.

Mona, a five-year-old giraffe, gave birth to her first calf sometime before sunrise. The newborn stands about six feet tall and is believed to weigh between 100 and 150 pounds.

"We're delighted about the birth of Mona's calf," said Dr. Rebecca Snyder, Zoo Atlanta's curator of mammals. "Giraffes are among the most popular animals in our collection, and they're a stunning representation of the beauty and diversity of African wildlife. We're excited about watching this little one grow -- not just in feet, but in milestones."

The new baby is only the second surviving giraffe calf in the zoo's 122-year history. The first, Zuri, was born to Mona's half-sister Glenda in July of last year.

Zuri is now eight feet tall and weighs around 600 pounds.

Five-year-old Abu is the father of both calves.

On Tuesday, zoo officials confirmed that the baby giraffe is a girl.

At 15 months, the giraffe gestation period is one of the longest in the animal kingdom. Giraffes give birth standing up and their calves are usually born feet-first, according to Zoo Atlanta's animal management and veterinary teams. Healthy calves are able to walk within two hours of birth.

Mona and her baby are now bonding alone before meeting the rest of the herd.