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A Cabbagetown dad and his land shark

A Cabbagetown dad and his land shark

ATLANTA -- Dave Dechant of Cabbagetown is a stay-at-home dad and husband.

When the 43 year old with a degree in writing needed something to do as the kids went to school and his wife to work, Dave taught himself to sculpt.

This is not about clay and wood. Dechant purchased 30,000 lbs. of Georgia granite and has created, with his own hands, a 22-foot long shark with a man inside. The home project has taken him two years. The shark has now been paired down to 10,000 lbs.

Did we mention it sits in his front yard?

We received a call from his neighbor George Berry. The retired sculpting teacher from Kennesaw State University told us his neighbor is astonishing and has done something that needed to be seen.

Atlanta: America's nerdiest city

Atlanta: America's nerdiest city

ATLANTA -- Meredith Placko's closet isn't about clothes. Instead, it's about an identity. The racks contain many of the essential ingredients for a life she lives proudly as a nerd.

"The whole world is kind of embracing the geek chic concept," said Placko, a blogger and freelance TV producer.

It starts with Dragon*Con, the annual downtown Atlanta sci-fi nerdfest that cinched Placko's decision to move here from south Florida three years ago. Dragon*Con helped vault Atlanta to the top of a list of America's nerdiest cities, according to a real estate site.

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NETHERWORLD Haunted House Returns for its 15th Season as a Top Halloween Destination

NETHERWORLD  Haunted House Returns for its 15th Season as a Top Halloween Destination

Legendary Haunted House Celebrates 15 Years of Fear in 2011!


Flavor Tripping at Three Sheets

On this unique eats the CIA team takes us out to Sandy Springs for a little 'flavor tripping', but you can't take that journey during the day.

Flavor Tripping is only for adults and it takes place Wednesday nights at 3 sheets in Sandy Springs.  It involves eating a little berry, called amiracle berry, which totally trips out your taste buds.

Reservations are recommended. 3 Sheets also offers regular dining plates and has a cool lounge, if you just want to hang out.  The restaurant/lounge is located in the CityWalk Shopping Center in Sandy Springs.