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Photo Gallery | My Day of Beauty: Turning Passion Into a Mission

On Monday, April 23rd, the Paul Mitchell School, at  the The King Plow Arts Center was filled with giggles, hugs, love and happiness. It was the 9th annual "Day of Beauty" benefiting special needs kids.  On  this day, volunteers from various salons offered haircuts, color services, up do's, facial waxing, make-up, manicures and chair massages to children with Down’s syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Autism at no cost.  The children were all from schools from the DeKalb County as well as the Special Olympics swim team. For most of these kids, this was their first visit to a professional hair salon. 


My Day of Beauty, was founded by Gloria Owczarski, an altruist with a mission. As a Special Olympics swim coach, and as a sibling of a special needs sister, Gloria is a passionate advocate for the rights of those with disabilities. She believes special needs  kids are somewhat forgotten. "They have a voice that is not heard. They may be "special" but if they had their choice, they wouldn't be any different from their peers. They so want to fit in and be normal. I started this event because I felt several things. But the main reason, was to help those who couldn't help themselves feel, if only for one day that they were like everyone else in their school, pretty. Such a weird seemingly small thing but we all strive for that feeling. You know?"


This year, My Day of Beauty serviced over 300 kids and teachers. A great achievement, considering this was all possible due to the vision of one person and the generosity of a small group of people.


When you work for the cause not the applause, and you are genuinely concerned about the well-being of others you immediately get our deepest respect. Character counts. Kindness, compassion, and generosity seems to be a lost art these days. Is people like Gloria that reminds us that we all share a personal responsibility to service others. When you seek happiness for others, you find it for yourself. Thank you Gloria for letting us join you on this incredible journey. We can't wait to see what the next year it's going to be.

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