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Photo Gallery | Zoo Atlanta behind the scenes

ATLANTA -- Usually you're told not to feed the animals at the zoo, but that's changing at Zoo Atlanta.

Zoo guests can now feed the pandas, giraffes, elephants and Komodo dragon, as part of two new fee-based attractions.

VIDEO | Commuter Dude feeds the giraffes

The most affordable option is feeding the giraffes on the zoo's new Twiga Terrace. Two leaves of lettuce cost $3. To keep Abu, Glenda, Mona and Lily, from overeating, only a limited amount of lettuce is offered daily. Feedings are first come, first served, but the viewing terrace is open to everybody.

The panda, elephant, and Komodo dragon feedings are more intimate and expensive. As part of the zoo's new Wild Encounters programs, guests can feed Slasher the Komodo dragon for $35. For $75, they can feed and pet either of the African elephants, Tara or Kelly. It will cost $150 to feed the giant pandas, Yang Yang, Xi Lan, or Lun Lun and Po. All three Wild Encounters combined cost $185. Zoo members get a 10 percent discount.

Wild Encounters are paired with personalized behind the scenes tours that last about 45 minutes.

All rates are on top of regular zoo admission.